SF Sketchfest - posters

This year's SF Sketchfest was the best yet! I was lucky enough to create posters for three of the events: the Tribute to Tim & Eric, King of the Hill reunion and the final episode of Pop My Culture Podcast. I'm a big fan of all of these guys. I have to say though, drawing something for Mike Judge and the whole KOTH crew felt like someone had asked a 14 year old girl to make something for the Beatles in 1965. Drawing, screaming, drawing, screaming. 

Prints are available through my web store, some from last year too! 

King of the Hill Reunion

Stan Against Evil

Have you seen Stan Against Evil, the new horror-comedy series on IFC? It's fantastic! Keeping up with all the goings on with Dana Gould, I was excited about this show since it's the deal was announced. Famous Monsters magazine included a feature and interviews with Dana, Janet Varney and John C. McGinley in the October (and final) issue. This illustration makes an appearance too.

This isn't my typical style (but what is?). I wanted to paint something reminiscent of the classic Basil Gogos covers. I'm happy with my rendition of Murgatroyd the pig monster and want to do more!

That time Adam Carolla “wrote” a children’s book and I illustrated it.

And what it points out for hopeful illustrators

During an episode of the Adam Carolla Podcast, Adam was complaining about how dumb kids books are and how easy they would be to write. He demonstrated by improvising a story. I thought it would be funny to illustrate/animate this “throw-away” story with absolutely professional artwork. 

I’m really happy with how it turned out. They even played it on the show! And the project drives home an important message to hopeful illustrators. 

Lets face it. EVERYBODY thinks they could write a terrific kids book if they were ever so inclined and given a few hours.  if given a day they could write a terrific kids book. Check out Craigslist for any city and you’ll see postings from people who wrote a children’s book (or have a “cool idea for a comic book”) and want YOU to illustrate it for free. “And then we’ll share the profits when it’s printed!!” 


Don’t ever do that. Even when working with a professional writer, its the illustrator who will have to put in the weeks, months to make a book come to life. And more importantly, publishers don’t want to work with writers who have already paired with an illustrator. Submit your portfolio to publishers and hope your style matches a story they are working on. If you are an illustrator who wants to self-publish a book for “exposure” (for free) or in hopes of selling it yourself, it’s always better to just write something yourself. It won’t be any worse a story than the tales from amateurs who post on Craigslist. Or even better, use a classic story that is in the public domain. You won’t make any money either way but at least you’ll have a book you can call your own. 

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Highlights from 2016 SF Sketchfest

Wow, I've been so busy with projects (and a case of comedy-nerd flu) that I'm just now able to take a minute and re-cap the highlights from SF Sketchfest

I kinda wanted to see every show put on by SF Skefchfest. Even when I'm selling posters for a show, I'm not always able to see the performance. But there was no way I was going to miss Maria Bamford! To my delight I got the green light to make a poster and come to her shows.

This had to be the busiest week of my life. Just after finishing the poster and play bill for the Waiting For Guffman screening I took three days to figure out the Maria Bamford poster (that includes a day or so of sketching concepts that went in all sorts of un-helpful directions), then I had two days to create the poster for the Bob's Burgers Tribute show. Saturday night was Picture This! at the Eureka Theatre. I drew live accompanying comedian, Amy Miller. I made the poster for that show too (below).

Oh, and in the middle of all this, I spent Friday night drawing caricatures of party-goers at the Edwardian Ball.

Check out all the SF Sketchfest posters and some rough sketches.

The final concept started out as pencil sketches based on Bamford's wig-wearing pugs. 

The artwork was "inked" and colored in Manga Studio. I had a lot of fun playing with the half-tone dot capabilities of the program. I've been looking for a way to add tone this way for like ten years! Super easy. Next time I won't go so subtle with it.

For the Bob's Burger Tribute poster I wanted to see how well I'd do drawing everyone on-model (meaning it could fit with the artwork on the show). Wow, that's tough. 

Once I had an idea of what everyone is doing in the "scene" I drew each character on it's own sheet of tracing paper. That's the hard part, then they're scanned, inked and colored in Manga Studio. The text was done in Illustrator. I tried to keep the text pretty basic to stay with the placemat menu look.

Picture This! was a lot of fun! Every comedian and artist involved in the show is my new best friend. The artwork for the poster was done entirely in Manga Studio. I bought the program a few months ago and can't praise it enough! So much better than Illustrator or Photoshop for drawing and coloring flat artwork like this. Oh and it's hella cheap. I bought it on special for $15 bucks!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next year at SF Sketchfest! Big thank you to Cole Stratton, Janet Varney, Dave Owen, Sam Valera, Brandie Posey, Maria Bamford (and management), all the folks that make Bob's Burgers, Lauren Bouchard, Bento Box, Christopher Guest, Bob Balaban, Parker Posey, Fred Willard and Kevin Pollak!

More comedy show posters & merch on the way!

SF Sketchfest

SF Sketchfest, the San Francisco comedy festival is back! I was asked to do something special for the screening of Waiting for Guffman. OK! Bob Balaban, Christopher Guest, Parker Posey, Fred Willard and Kevin Pollak were on-hand for a Q&A session after the movie. I wish I could have seen any of that, but it was cool hanging out in the lobby of the Castro too...I met Parker Posey! So there is that. 

I printed a run of 100 and they nearly sold out. Posters come with a "program" for Red White and Blaine.