Timmy and the Dinosaur by Adam Carolla

On a recent episode of the Adam Carolla Show, Adam took about a minute to write a children's book (Chris D'Elia episode).  I immediately dropped everything and began illustrating the tale of Timmy and the Dinosaur.

Here it is.


Timmy and the Dinosaur was featured on the May 13th episode of The Adam Carolla show. Thank you guys!



I handled this project like a storyboarding/animatic exercise (Yes, I'm looking for work in animation. Please share this with your industry friends). The pages were sketched out quickly in Photoshop. It's great because you can move, add and scale things easily. 

The artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator then imported into Flash. The line art just looks better when it's done this way. I used the custom brushes and techniques laid out by Clay Butler in this Youtube tutorial. I saved an Action that automates the steps it takes to go from this weird looking, overlapped lines to artwork that's cleaned up and ready to color.


Thanks to Jun Sugiyama for making his music available for stuff like this. 

Better Off Dead 30th Anniversary Live Read: Recap

Sketchfest 2015! The Better Off Dead Live Read was amazing! My brother Jimmy and I got set up in the lobby of the Marine Memorial Hotel and immediately ran into Savage Steve Holland. Rad. 

Here he is with my rendition of "Ricky's portrait." Dan Schneider didn't make it to the live read but Steve Agee was awesome as Ricky!  

Diane Franklin (Monique) signed photos and books next to us after the show so I was able to attain my ultimate goal: Get a picture of Diane holding the Ricky portrait! I got to try on her jacket. Those lapels!!! My life is complete. 

The Live Read was a lot of fun. Lots of fresh laughs. I have not read many (any) scripts so it was cool to hear all the descriptive tidbits and scenes that didn't make the final cut. I was surprised to hear how locked down all those visual gags were before shooting. I guess I pictured film-makers figuring things out as they go. I learn things!

Anyway, I did my best to sketch everyone in the cast during the Live Read. I wish I could have gotten to everyone. It's tough drawing in the dark. Or incredibly easy. That is, if you don't need the drawing to look like anything. 

Savage Steve Holland

Diane Franklin

Jon Heder

Kevin Pollak

Paul F. Tomkins

Curtis Armstrong

Kim Darby

Amanda Wyss

Here's Ricky's portrait. Diane Franklin held it as a prop during the live read. That was cool! Right now you can get your own copy as well as the other Better Off Dead art prints at my web store: BenWalker.BigCartel.com

Grab them while they are still available and cheap!


Gigantic News!

I am very excited to announce the release of Gigantic Brewing Company's  new seasonal beer, Catch 23, featuring my label design! 

I put a lot of work into this illustration, but the hardest thing may have been trying to not think about the other artists Gigantic has worked with, Holy Crap! Art Director Rob Reger (Emily the Strange fame) has brought on some of the best artists in the business for previous labels: Tim Biskup, AJ Fosik, Martin Ontiveros, Shannon Wheeler, and Robert Bowen, to name a few. 

This brew is called Catch 23 and it was up to me to interpret this name. So I went with this 3-way fight between a bear, eagle and shark. Real Mutual of Omaha shit! Thanks again to Rob Reger and everyone at Gigantic Brewing Company!


   I love the look of (Ben's) work.  I find it all very engaging. Ben came    up with the BEST interpretation of the name possible. I smile every    time I see that label. Basically, it rules.    -Van Havig, Gigantic Brewing Co.


I love the look of (Ben's) work. I find it all very engaging. Ben came 
up with the BEST interpretation of the name possible. I smile every 
time I see that label. Basically, it rules.

-Van Havig, Gigantic Brewing Co.

Fruit Flies in Neck Ties

Bugs wearing clothes that rhyme with their name. There's got to be a better name but for now they are called Bug Duds.

By the way, BenWalkerArt.com has been oddly devoid of the cartoons and sketches I have been making lately. It's like my site hasn't caught on to the fact that It's not about gallery artwork so much anymore. I have added a new blog page, Cartoons / Sketches devoted to just...cartoons and sketches, like this one!

On Fruit Flies and Neckties

Neckwear has been a part of fashion for thousands of years. The necktie as we now know it became a staple of men's fashion during the 1920s thanks to innovations in the way ties are cut and sewn. A necktie can be tied in over a dozen different styles. 

Man has come up with even more ways to get rid of fruit flies. Some techniques are more stylish than others. For instance, you can make traps by putting apple cider vinegar in a cup and a paper cone placed on top. But the most stylish way to chase away fruit flies is by placing sticks of cedar wood in your kitchen. Nothing says you are classy as hell like cedar. The moment fruit flies smell that cedar they lower their little, annoying heads in shame and leave your (now) perfect home. 

More tips on getting rid of fruit Flies at MorningChores.com.