Little Owl Lady


Amongst the hurried business people, young, tech start-up owners, hipsters, hippies, punks, drop-outs and weirdos the little owl lady is nearly invisible. This is not due to any camouflaging markings. Its only because every creature in the wilderness of San Francisco assesses others as those that can either Eat or be Eaten. The little owl lady is not a threat. She will not attack you (unless you are in her way when she is trying to get off the bus). She also cannot do anything for you. She won't date you. She cannot get you a job or hook your band up with a gig at the Red Devil Lounge. And so she is rarely "seen", even in broad daylight. 

Some little-known facts about the little owl lady:

  • Despite its size and slow pace, a little owl lady can lift twice its weight in weird groceries.
  • Little owl ladies have an average of 7 grandkids in college and will collect 40 metric tons of recyclables each year in order to keep them there. 
  • Little owl ladies are flightless birds, so they ride MUNI.