Hats from the Cutting Room Floor

Yesterday I posted an article about JB skating on my style blog, Grown Ass Geek. It's a short look at a fascinating world that not many people know about. Check out the full article to see How We Roll. Anyway, this reminded me that I had designed a flat-cap inspired by my love for roller-skating and the whole Jamskate/JB Skating scene. This design is one of a few that I presented to Goorin Brothers but didn't make the cut. So now from the cutting room floor, I present the Good Foot.  

I think this would have looked pretty classy out on the rink floor. Wool houndstooth fabric with a winged-skate embroidered on the side, oh man! My favorite detail is the little, faux pocket and pocket square sewn to the back. This is an homage to the folks at skate jams who keep a kerchief or towel in their back pocket to wipe away sweat. 


The other design that didn't quite have wheels is the Near and Far, my tribute to automotive innovations of the early 1900s. This was designed to look perfect on anyone currently driving Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Even the underside is remenscent of Chitty's red-spoked wheels. The top panel would be loft leather with my car full of crows printed (or maybe embossed!) on it. 


Thanks for checking them out!