Digital Live Art

For the last five weeks I've been spending my Saturdays at the Samsung demo booth at Valley Fair mall, Santa Clara. As the Sketch Artist, it was my job to show off the drawing capabilities of the Note 3 and the S Note app by snapping pictures of shoppers and doodling over them. After a few weeks I found that I got a better response from people if I skipped the photo and just drew a caricature.  

Drawing with a stylus on a hand-held devise takes some getting used to, but now that I've found a groove, I think the Note 3 is a nice tool for coming up with loose sketches and color roughs quickly. Also, the auto-sketching features in the Sketch n Draw app is pretty addictive.  

If you have a Samsung devise, you can join the Pen.Up art sharing community and see everything I made. Here are a few of my favorites.