Zazzle and Maker Faire

Last weekend the Bay Area saw the 2013 Maker Faire. I'm still a little grumpy over not being able to make it (no pun intended) out to see the event. Regardless of that, I was honored to by asked by Zazzle, a major sponsor of this year's Maker Faire to contribute artwork. The Zazzle booth had an art-making station where kids and the "young at heart" could color large posters. It's collaborative art with seasoned illustrators! Josh Ellingson contributed some sweet posters too. 


I definitely want to thank Zazzle for helping spread the word about volcanos and the fact that I invented them. They also did a great job of letting people know about my expertise on wildlife, both the kind found in nature and that found wandering The City. For more about the the creatures I encounter on MUNI, at used record stores, and in my own circle of friends, explore SF WildLife.


Zazzle has been rolling out a lot of cool new products for customization, like hand-bags, smart phone cases and skateboards. Check them out at