Onion T-shirt Contest

The Onion has teamed with  Threadless on a T-shirt contest. Designers submit T-shirt designs inspired by ANY of The Onion's headlines - EVER. I'm going to hold them to that as I went with a story I found in a 13 year old copy of The Onion Ad Nauseam. 

National Machete Association Speaks Out Against Machete Control Legislation

Support the NMA

Support the NMA

This is a hand-drawn, hand-lettered design. That's good ol' American Ink on paper, son! No clip-art, no digitally created text. Short cuts are for people who don't have machetes.
So here is where you come in!
Voting will be happening over the next few days (until June 18th). Please take a moment to cast your vote for National Machete Association. 


Thank you, 

-Ben Walker

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