Portraits of Spammers

Have you checked your SPAM folder lately? Spam could be the most disposable part of our daily lives. It's annoying, sometimes crude, maybe even dangerous. But some of  these guys weave quite a yarn! I wanted to imagine these Spammers the way a hooked reader might see them. This series of drawings shows each "character" in their best light. 

Each drawing is accompanied by the letter that inspired it (typed onto paper).


Captain James

Power Pharmacist

The Nigerian Prince

The Nigerian Prince

Portraits of Spammers will be on display as part of the Draw show at 63 Bluxome St. Gallery. Show opens Aug. 3rd, 6-9pm. Participating Artists:

Ben Hopkins / Ben Walker / Chris Canga / Cody Williams / Cody Vrosh / Daryll Peirce / Dave Correia / Donia / Donta Santiatevan / Emonic / Goran Rajkovic / Isaac Pierro / Jessica Jenkins / Joemur / Joey Vela / John Casey / Ken Davis / Lucien Shapiro / Marcos Lafarga / Marissa Darengowski / Matt 136 / Max Kauffman / Nana Porcelaine / Patrick O’Connell / Ricky Watts / Robert Bowen / Sheila C. / Steve Caballero / Super Ugly and more....