10 Years of Toast Boy

 ...and T-shirts

Click to get the new Toast Boy T-shirt!

Click to get the new Toast Boy T-shirt!

Ten years ago, Toast Boy (also known as Butter Side Don) was born on a cockroach infested tour boat in Bangkok, Thailand. He became the first in a whole family of indie T-shirt designs. To celebrate, I am making this hand-painted Toast Boy available as a T-shirt the first time. Read on for the evolution of poor Toast Boy. 


Awaiting my marginally appetizing lunch aboard a small, Thailand touring boat, I scratched at my sketchbook. I kept one eye on the clips from "America's Funniest Home Videos" the crew had put on to keep us Westerners occupied. I looked up and was struck by a quick shot of an upset boy (or girl?) dressed as bread. With a jarring "Ka-chunk!" an image popped up in my mind. 

Original sketch of Toast Boy. Yes, it was on pink paper. 

This Toast Boy is available on  RedBubble  too.

This Toast Boy is available on RedBubble too.

When I returned home, I scraped the lint off as best I could and Toast boy was ready debute as my first indie T-shirt design at my first convention table, Alternative Press Expo 2005. 

This Toast Boy is available on  RedBubble  too

This Toast Boy is available on RedBubble too

Coffee-stained Toast Boy

I drew this Toast Boy on some old shelf paper around the same time. This version was eventually printed as a sticker and distributed around Sacramento's midtown. I like to think the image became the Obey Giant sticker of Sacramento but the truth is Obey Giant was still the Obey Giant sticker of Sacramento. 

Wondercon 2008

You can imagine my shock and pride when I saw that famed MAD magazine cartoonist, Sergio Aragonés had adorned his briefcase with one sticker, Toast Boy. I had given him that sticker a year prior! *starstruck*

In 2011 Toast Boy was painted in full color, renamed Butter Side Don and shown as part of Gallery 1988's Garbage Pail Kids show.

This hand-painted version of Toast Boy is available for the first time as a T-shirt on RedBubble. They are printed on American Apparel tees just like I have always done. The quality is superb and buyers can choose between a bunch of hand-picked, complimentary shirt colors! Oh, and if you live in Portland and only want hoodies, they are available too, along with girly fit, kids, baby onesies, and more.

Why is Toast Boy so iconic and beloved? I think he just sums up our lives sometimes. Whatever he was about to get up to is ruined and we can all relate to that. 

Thanks for reading.