Fruit Flies in Neck Ties

Bugs wearing clothes that rhyme with their name. There's got to be a better name but for now they are called Bug Duds.

By the way, has been oddly devoid of the cartoons and sketches I have been making lately. It's like my site hasn't caught on to the fact that It's not about gallery artwork so much anymore. I have added a new blog page, Cartoons / Sketches devoted to just...cartoons and sketches, like this one!

On Fruit Flies and Neckties

Neckwear has been a part of fashion for thousands of years. The necktie as we now know it became a staple of men's fashion during the 1920s thanks to innovations in the way ties are cut and sewn. A necktie can be tied in over a dozen different styles. 

Man has come up with even more ways to get rid of fruit flies. Some techniques are more stylish than others. For instance, you can make traps by putting apple cider vinegar in a cup and a paper cone placed on top. But the most stylish way to chase away fruit flies is by placing sticks of cedar wood in your kitchen. Nothing says you are classy as hell like cedar. The moment fruit flies smell that cedar they lower their little, annoying heads in shame and leave your (now) perfect home. 

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