Better Off Dead 30th Anniversary Live Read: Recap

Sketchfest 2015! The Better Off Dead Live Read was amazing! My brother Jimmy and I got set up in the lobby of the Marine Memorial Hotel and immediately ran into Savage Steve Holland. Rad. 

Here he is with my rendition of "Ricky's portrait." Dan Schneider didn't make it to the live read but Steve Agee was awesome as Ricky!  

Diane Franklin (Monique) signed photos and books next to us after the show so I was able to attain my ultimate goal: Get a picture of Diane holding the Ricky portrait! I got to try on her jacket. Those lapels!!! My life is complete. 

The Live Read was a lot of fun. Lots of fresh laughs. I have not read many (any) scripts so it was cool to hear all the descriptive tidbits and scenes that didn't make the final cut. I was surprised to hear how locked down all those visual gags were before shooting. I guess I pictured film-makers figuring things out as they go. I learn things!

Anyway, I did my best to sketch everyone in the cast during the Live Read. I wish I could have gotten to everyone. It's tough drawing in the dark. Or incredibly easy. That is, if you don't need the drawing to look like anything. 

Savage Steve Holland

Diane Franklin

Jon Heder

Kevin Pollak

Paul F. Tomkins

Curtis Armstrong

Kim Darby

Amanda Wyss

Here's Ricky's portrait. Diane Franklin held it as a prop during the live read. That was cool! Right now you can get your own copy as well as the other Better Off Dead art prints at my web store:

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