How to dress like Jon Cryer from 1987's Hiding Out for under $100 on Amazon

It's that time of year again. Time to pick out a Halloween costume that is comfortable, unforgettable, and kinda' sexy. But what? Sexy peanut butter and jelly? A Facebook troll? What will be the hottest look this year?

Forget 11 from Stranger Things, forget the uh, president. The hottest costume this year will no-doubt be Jon Cryer, circa 1987.


Who can forget his convincingly cool "teenager" disguise from the 80s classic, Hiding Out? But how?? Don't worry. It's all been curated for you and so you can pull off this look with less than $100 all through

The T-shirt


When Maxwell Houser had to make that quick transformation into a very convincing teenager he stepped into a gas station and grabbed some bleach for his hair and a really cool t-shirt of 80s dancing skeletons just write off a little rack. And we were like, where is the super cool gas station that sells dancing rude boy skeleton T-shirts? It's so Oingo-Boingo-Social-Distortion legit!

Luckily we don't have to track down this magical gas station because this is the age of the Internet and print-on-demand. This T-shirt has been faithfully re-created it made available on


The Coat

o really be authentic to the film, you would have to buy a stinky overcoat like this off a homeless man. But you don't have to. Here's a sweet wool overcoat you can wear all winter for $25 - $27 bucks!


Don't Forget the Details

Much like the night markets of Bangkok you can get anything on the Internet. Is it right that you can buy her US military battle for six dollars on Amazon? I don't know… But let's be teenagers and not think about it because they just look cool. 

You can pick up U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal on Amazon for $12 and up.

The Hair

Here's where this costume recommendation gets you extra legit-points. Don't worry about fixing your hair like Jon Cryer circa 1987. Don't even by a wig. Get this rubber Superman Hair and paint the sides with some vinyl spray paint.

And there you have it, young Jon Cryer! As always with Halloween, you're on your own for shoes, any men's dress shoes in black or grey would work fine. Here's the total budget:

T-shirt (only available on Amazon) 19.99

Coat $26.82

Medal $12.00

Vinyl wig $8.36

Vinyl paint $13.98

Total: $81.15