A New Web Store for Cheap chills on Amazon

Exciting news! I’ve got a new web store for my Cheap Chills brand apparel (and PopsSockets!). Everything we’re currently selling is available at Amazon.com/CheapChills. Yes, that Amazon. That means FREE shipping for Prime members and all the assurances of quality and service that come with ordering from the largest on-line retailer in the world.

Check out those categories! We’ve got the hoodies, sweatshirts, PopSockets and now, a couple notebooks (more books to come in the new year!).

You have to do some last-minute shopping anyway, why not at the Cheap Chills store?

That time Adam Carolla “wrote” a children’s book and I illustrated it.

And what it points out for hopeful illustrators

During an episode of the Adam Carolla Podcast, Adam was complaining about how dumb kids books are and how easy they would be to write. He demonstrated by improvising a story. I thought it would be funny to illustrate/animate this “throw-away” story with absolutely professional artwork. 

I’m really happy with how it turned out. They even played it on the show! And the project drives home an important message to hopeful illustrators. 

Lets face it. EVERYBODY thinks they could write a terrific kids book if they were ever so inclined and given a few hours.  if given a day they could write a terrific kids book. Check out Craigslist for any city and you’ll see postings from people who wrote a children’s book (or have a “cool idea for a comic book”) and want YOU to illustrate it for free. “And then we’ll share the profits when it’s printed!!” 


Don’t ever do that. Even when working with a professional writer, its the illustrator who will have to put in the weeks, months to make a book come to life. And more importantly, publishers don’t want to work with writers who have already paired with an illustrator. Submit your portfolio to publishers and hope your style matches a story they are working on. If you are an illustrator who wants to self-publish a book for “exposure” (for free) or in hopes of selling it yourself, it’s always better to just write something yourself. It won’t be any worse a story than the tales from amateurs who post on Craigslist. Or even better, use a classic story that is in the public domain. You won’t make any money either way but at least you’ll have a book you can call your own. 

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Picture This! San Francisco

Alright I'm ready to admit it. I have been sneaking out of our apartment at night and doing open mic comedy. It's a world I have always been fascinated by and now that I'm in it, I can't get enough. 

For now, I'm just showing up and doing open mics wherever/whenever I can (2-3 times a week). Nothing on the books specifically. However....

I will be drawing Live as part of PICTURE THIS! A new kind of standup show where artists draw live and their doodles are projected behind the comedians.  They're taking the show on the road This special San Francisco edition will be at the ultra-sexy Doc's Lab in North Beach.

Don't miss this! 

Get tickets ($10-$12 cheap!) at DocsLabSF.com
More pictures and info at nakedcomedy.org