Live Art

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The time has come for company Holiday parties. I know what you are thinking, "Sure our party will have dancing, a mini-roller-rink, little food bits wrapped in other food. The booze from our open bar will run down from the ice sculpture of our company logo. We'll have contortionists suspended from crystal chandeliers, but what will set this night apart from all the rest?" 

How about inviting a totally famous artist to come draw party-goers? If you know any totally famous artists, you should do that! If not, I'm available as well. 

My caricatures are not the ones you find at the zoo or along the piers. Not that there's anything wrong with those but I don't force people to into the same smiling, profiled formula. You could call my live art "Quirky-tures" except that word is ridiculous. Every ink drawing is an individual piece of art. And most of them are good

If you really want shake things up (look out!) I can bring the "Wheel of Wildlife". Folks who model for me can spin the wheel and I will draw them as whatever creature the spinner lands on. Good times!